An investment in freedom and prosperity in the United States and abroad.

Donors Capital Fund is committed to helping donors direct their philanthropic capital to charities that promote free enterprise, equal access under the law, personal responsibility, free speech, and private, voluntary initiatives instead of government action.

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Donors Capital Fund works closely with DonorsTrust to support a number of projects and institutions, including new non-profits for which we serve as a fiscal sponsor, a select group of qualified foreign non-profit organizations, and other partners.

What Others Say

The College Fix

“The College Fix wouldn’t exist today without the folks at DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund. I’m grateful to them for helping us launch in 2011, and for their back-office support as my team and I built a network of freedom-loving journalists on campuses nationwide.”

John Miller

Founder and executive irector

Galen Institute

“DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund are invaluable, mission-critical partners to the Galen Institute. Their team works diligently behind the scenes to administer the appropriate legal and financial paperwork, which lets Galen focus on our work promoting patient-centered health reform throughout the United States.”

Grace-Marie Turner

President of the Galen Institute