I need to reduce the capital gains tax liability associated with my appreciated stock, closely held stock, or unexpected windfall. Can Donors Capital Fund help?

Appreciated Stock
You own appreciated stock and want to distribute it to a number of charities and avoid the capital gains tax. Make one transfer of stock to Donors Capital Fund and receive the market value for your gift. Then at your leisure, request Donors Capital Fund
to distribute multiple gifts from the transfer.

Closely Held Stock
You possess closely or privately held stock and want to avoid the capital gains tax while taking the best possible tax deduction. Contribute the stock to Donors Capital Fund and calculate your tax deduction based on the market value of the stock rather than the cost basis. At your leisure, make any number of charitable gifts from the single transfer.

Unexpected Windfall
You just received a bonus, inheritance, or trust fund distribution. You need to give to charity to reduce your tax burden but don't have time right now to figure out where and how much. Open an account at Donors Capital Fund, immediately receive your full tax deduction, and disburse charitable gifts at your leisure.

How can I give an endowment gift without writing a "blank check" to the charity?

You wish to give a large gift to a charity but don't want to just write a blank check. Open a Donors Capital Fund account with the gift and immediately receive your full tax deduction. Request gifts from your account with the assurance that you may legally direct the money elsewhere if the project or the mission of the organization sours.

How can I give anonymously and still receive a tax deduction?

You wish to keep your charitable giving private, especially gifts funding sensitive or controversial issues. Set up a Donors Capital Fund account and ask that your gifts remain anonymous. Know that any contributions to your Donors Capital Fund account that have to be reported to the IRS will not become public information. Unlike with private foundations, gifts from your account will remain as anonymous as you request.

I would like to secure my charitable intent after my lifetime. What can Donors Capital Fund do on my behalf?

You wonder if your family will eventually give your hard-won earnings to groups with which you disagree. Open a Donors Capital Fund account and write a specific charitable intent statement-even listing what charities you will or won't fund. Give your family the opportunity to preserve your intent as successor advisors to your account and rely on Donors Capital Fund to protect and enforce it.

Why should I use Donors Capital Fund instead of my community foundation, commercial donor-advised fund, or private foundation?

Community Foundation
You give through your local community foundation but wonder if they'll approve your grant requests when your trusted contact leaves or your grantees fall on the wrong side of the current political trend. Set up a new account by making a grant disbursement to Donors Capital Fund, a public charity that serves as a philosophical community foundation. Donors Capital Fund will always respect grant requests that fall within the Donors Capital Fund mission and purpose.

Commercial Donor-Advised Fund
You manage your charitable giving through a commercial fund like Vanguard or Fidelity. But with their bureaucracy, limits placed on grant disbursements, and a vacuum of philosophical principles, you've wondered if you might receive better service elsewhere. Make a grant disbursement from your account to Donors Capital Fund (a public charity) and establish a new account where you receive personal attention and a solid mission to protect your intent to support liberty.

Private Foundation
You enjoy the benefits of your foundation but wish to rid yourself of the hassles of meeting the 5% payout deadline, paying lawyers and staff to comply with regulations, and seeing your grant disbursements on the Internet 24/7. As a public charity, Donors Capital Fund can accept your foundation's payout and immediately relieve you of the payout deadline. Grants are disbursed at your discretion, all IRS forms are completed for you, and total anonymity is possible.

I need some administrative help to organize and distribute my charitable giving. Does Donors Capital Fund offer these services?

You make annual gifts to a number of charities but are tired of writing checks, managing the IRS receipts, and remembering how much and when you gave to whom. Write one check to Donors Capital Fund and receive one IRS receipt. From your account, request gifts to your favorite charities. Donors Capital Fund will cut the checks, track the receipts, and send you quarterly activity reports.