Donors Capital Fund accepts charitable contributions from donors who wish to establish a donor-advised fund. These funds are flexible charitable giving vehicles that allow for beneficial tax deductions now and thoughtful charitable decisions well into the future. And at Donors Capital Fund, a donor-advised fund also allows each account holder to create a charitable legacy in support of liberty that will be preserved by the Board of Directors.

A donor-advised fund at Donors Capital Fund may be opened with a minimum initial gift of $1,000,000. Each fund has a name recommended by the donor, and its charitable assets are held in a sub-account where they are invested until the donor recommends grant disbursements to any number of liberty-minded public charities. Recommendations are normally reviewed and disbursed in monthly cycles. Donors retain the right to make grant recommendations with the understanding that any request falling within Donors Capital Fund's overall mission and purpose will be honored. 

Each donor also has the option of appointing an individual or committee to recommend distributions from their fund or appoint a successor to oversee the Fund after their lifetime. Donors may rest assured that grant recommendations made by successors will be honored in so far as they fall within the original donor's stated wishes and the mission and purpose of Donors Capital Fund.