Administrative Services & Fees

All Donors Capital Fund donor-advised funds receive standard administrative services, which include:

  • Grant payment and disbursement;
  • Compliance with IRS reporting requirements;
  • Due diligence assessments of grantee organizations; and
  • Review of disbursement requests to ensure that they are compatible with the mission and purpose of Donors Capital Fund and the donor's intent.

The administrative fee is 1% of the account balance annually, charged quarterly. Financial statements reflecting the donor's contribution(s), the account's share of the investment return, administrative and investment fees, and grant activity are distributed quarterly. Investment fees are charged according to the asset management option selected and are in addition to administrative fees.

Account holders may also request foundation-style services from DonorsTrust as described in the "Philanthropic Services" section of the Fund's Guide to Donor-Advised Funds. These specialized services are designed for donors seeking assistance in designing a structured philanthropic plan that conforms to the overall purpose of Donors Capital Fund. Services may include consultation devoted to initiating and tracking grants, conducting program research, and serving as a liaison between donors and grantees. An administrative fee between 3 and 14% of grants paid annually will apply to these services.